Thursday, May 19, 2011

kiss me a good bye
hug me a reunited
it's only my big mistake
it's only my misunderstood
not love what i'm going to hold
not heart that i want to own
i can't blame the heart
i can't blame no one
stop your dream
start a reality

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

if you are in stage 5

i watch this video before in several blogs..but just a quick watch without thinking about it..but yesterday i watch this video again in Shazwany's blog..and she explain the video too..(visit her blog and read it,so you will get more what i'm talking about)her explanation make me thinking for a look back at my relationship..we're in stage 5..which is quite dangerous.because once we're getting down to stage 6..the transition to stage 7 will be so easy and fast..i'm sure i'm not alone experiencing this..everyone have their own view and their own way to solve it..for me..the most important thing is always stick together.because in this stage 3rd person will easily come into your relation and destroy everything in death silent.girl's are more likely to ask opinion and share their problem with their are free to share girls.but remember..with who you are talking about.and don't tell them very detail.just enough with telling them you are having problem.control yourself from burst out everything.coz remember..boys are really egoistic..they don't want to be blame.and if your friend suggest you any idea..take it lightly..i mean listen to their idea but adapt it into your situation.if it is appropriate then try it.if not just leave it.remember that you are the one who face the problem.not them.they just sharing their opinion.whatever it please discuss with your partner.take a time.stick together.and think positove until the solution found.but if the end is not as you wish..don't stop believe in love..insya Allah..there is happiness in the end

Mariah Carey - My All

all time love song

love is not a trophy but we like to make it as a trophy..not because of we want to boast to people around's because we want to let them know how happy you are.and most important to let people know that she or he is is not about own the person.but to have them in your heart and they will not going, you also get a place in their heart is not only about smiling and laughing all the are both normal human being.wiping each other tears is a must have experience in journey of get a love is have a love is easy and keep the love till the end is the journey.only those with strong love and ready to commit will reach the end with bless of god.

hati tak mungkin diganti
cinta sukar dilupa
bila sayang jangan kata benci
bila tak rela jangan memaksa

Monday, May 9, 2011

as you always do

hiding behind the truth
a lie that i know the truth
keep on telling the tale as you always do
so that i can be safe in dream
sing me the lullaby
say that you made it special for me
as you always do
so i'll always be the princess in my dream
kiss my hand as you always do
hug me tight in your arm
wipe my tears as you always do
tell me the tale of princess in your heart
as you always do